Genre - Blackened Death

    Location - Boston, MA

    Members - 

    Anthony - Guitar/Vocals
    Pete - Drums
    Josh- Bass


     Coffin Birh is some seriously dark shit. Now, as everyone knows, when you make a sandwich out of black metal and death metal, some evil usually squeezes out of the sides, but with Coffin Birth, it gets smeared across the entire fucking stage. Putrescent lyrics combined with music that's been dredged up from the bowels of a 10,000 year old crypt create a sound that is dark, demented, and thoroughly metal-as-fuck. This could end up being a new favorite for me. The only complaint I have about this group is that they really need a better studio to master their recordings, as they do come off a bit flat sounding. Nonetheless, I encourage all of you to check these guys out. 

    No videos...yet.